Plot progress

In preparation for our Open Days I dug out old photos that show progress over the years.

It’s amazing to think back to when it was all grass and weed. We’ve certainly come a long way since then.

This is Plot 5 from 2006-2011

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Progress in partnership

We were successful on a grant application to Glasgow’s Community Planning Partnership to make improvements to the communal plot.  It’s a great facility for plotholders and was really well used at our open days last year, so we were keen to enhance it for all.

We were awarded £1400 for:

  • a large shed to house the composting toilet and provide a meeting space;
  • wood and mesh for compost/manure retainers and leafmould bins;
  • garden furniture for the communal plot;
  • stone to lay a durable path;
  • and a new lightweight strimmer.

We got the money in January 2011 and started the work as soon as the snow cleared. 

You can see the path being laid in the slideshow and the Church pews we bought.  We’ve got some yacht varnish to protect the pews and have materials ready to make the leafmould bins and retainers.  The Council is organising the shed so we hope to have this installed shortly.  It’s all turned around very quickly.

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We’ve been helped out with some bargains along the way: 

  • Hazel arranged a delivery of pews from Findlay Church for a donation;
  • Peter from Everest delivered woodchippings which have created a path by the foxhole;
  • We got flagstones and gravel off freecycle to lay a solid base to the polytunnel;
  • Jewson gave us a 30% discount on the stone so we effecively got 1.5 tonnes free;
  • HSS hire only charged us a day rate for the weekend hire of the vibraplate;
  • and Ruth and Robert from CREW came out to help lay the new communal plot path and reminisce about the work we all did on the wildlife garden back in 2004.

Lots of plotholders have chipped in their skills and time to make this all possible.

Thanks all!

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Wildlife garden

Way back in 2004, Trinley Brae Allotments got a small amount of grant money to develop a shady plot into a wildlife garden.  We were called in as part of CREW – the Clyde Region Environmental Workers – to clear the ground, create a pond and lay a path.

This was our first introduction to the allotment and what prompted us to put our name on the waiting list.  We were offered a plot the following summer and have been able to see the wildlife garden develop since.  Alastair has grown lots of beautiful flowers from seed and it’s really blossomed!

The slideshow shows us developing the garden in 2004, maintenance on communal days and its development since.

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The frogs have spawned!

The frogs have been busy at Trinley Brae.

Alyson’s pond had spawn a few weeks back, there’s been lots of activity in Jake and Martina’s pond over the last week or two, and then frogspawn appeared in our wee pond and the communal pond in the wildlife garden over the last two days.

Lots of frogs perished in the icy cold this winter – over 100 on our allotment site alone – so we’re particularly pleased to see everything burst back into life.

It all bodes well for a good summer.

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Success with seeds

We’re doing better than ever this year with seeds.

We’ve been bringing things on at home for the past month or two and have already pricked lots out into modules.  We’ve got malva, nicotiana, marigold, potentilla, tomatoes, chillis leeks and beans on the go.

Need to clear some space to start off the sweetcorn.

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A new house

February was the month of the greenhouse!

It’s been a long time coming, but we set aside a weekend and managed to cut all the
plastic to size and bolt the pieces on.  It was quite chaotic at times and our fingers
were red raw with fixing all the nuts and bolts in place in the freezing cold, but we’re
already seeing the benefits.

It’s a great place to shelter from the rain and bring things on.  We’ve got all the
spare strawberry runners in there for early crops and will properly fit out the inside
over the coming weeks.

We’ve been siliconing in the gaps and that’s making it even more
robust.  It withstood the high winds last week no problem.

I’m going to fix up the deck chair so I can snooze among the tomatoes in summer…

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Good intentions went to pot – there were very few posts last year!  This was largely due to becoming Secretary at the allotments and being overwhelmed with admin.

We made lot of progress in 2010.  Alastair did loads of work on the wildlife garden, we had our first ever open days – reported as a top attraction in Doors Open Day by the local press! – and we received a grant for £1400 from Community Planning Partnership to improve the communal plot.

Lots to be getting on with, but I also want to give more time to our plot and capturing the memories.

More on that in the next post…

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Garden pond

Levelling out the ground for the shed base created a mound of earth which was ideal for creating a small garden and pond to attract wildlife to our plot.  This has become an attractive focal point and helped to shape the surrounding ground.

The wildlife began to move in and we were rewarded with a batch of healthy frog spawn.  They return each year in quite a crowd to see Gervaise, who keeps an eye on things when we’re not there.

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Early days – 2005

One of the first things we did was to get a shed. Drinking tea in the rain with nowhere to shelter lost it’s appeal quite quickly. It’s lovely to be able to dive into the warm and brew up when the showers hit – as they invariably do in Glasgow.

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Welcome to plot 5 at TBA!

So much has been done, particularly in the last year, that we want to write it down before we forget.

Here goes….

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